The Launch of Pollock Elevators

Pollock Home Elevators are available in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale.

We launched the Pollock Lift and have a great start in assisting families all over Florida. If you are looking for a solution, make sure you stop and take a good look at the Pollock Lift. The Pollock is a Quality Lift that is robust, reliable, and looks fabulous in the home. With over a 500 LB capacity, remote controls can be used with Alexa, Mood Lightening, Handrail Control Panel, and LCD Screen. If you are shopping for a shaftless elevator that will be installed in a few days, look no further. Set an appointment with us for an in-home consultation. You will be glad you did. To set an appointment in our design center, call (833) 900-1756.

We offer the latest innovative solutions for the home. We test them all.

When designing homes, it is worth looking 10 to 15 years ahead to see what our future needs and wants might be, and if we are planning a significant renovation to the home, perhaps start to think about the future for them now. For example, we often incorporate a residential elevator into the remodel of the home hallway or the kitchen by designing with the elevator in mind to minimize the struggle of using the stairs. Many of these improvements improve the home and add value for occupants of any age. If you are remodeling or building a new home, we are here to assist you with your project. To schedule an appointment with one of our elevator specialists, call us at (833) 900-1756.

If you are building a new home, our Design Team takes care of you through the whole process. If you have your contractor preparing the space for the elevator. We do periodic checks to ensure they are constructing the elevator space 100% correctly. The installation day is always a good day with Bailey Elevators.