Pneumatic Vacuum PVE

Pneumatic Vacuum Residential Elevator


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    The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) series offers a range of options to meet the needs of any homeowner. The PVE 30 is the smallest residential elevator in the world and is ideal for those with limited space. Despite its size, the PVE 30 has a 350lb lift capacity and can travel up to 50 ft. of rise over five stops. It is easy to install and runs on a standard 120v outlet with built-in batteries, ensuring it can still function during power outages.

    The PVE 37 is a step up in size from the PVE 30, measuring 37 inches in outside diameter and 32 inches wide on the cabin's interior. This model can carry two adults or 450 lbs and offers the option to install a cabin seat for a single rider. Like the PVE 30, it is easy to install and does not require much space, making it an excellent choice for retrofit or new construction projects.

    The PVE 52 is the largest of the three models and can carry up to three people or two people and a wheelchair. With its self-supporting structure, it does not require additional space for machinery or a pit, allowing for easy installation anywhere in the home. This model requires a 220V, 35 Amp, single-phase service and features an LED light and cabin fan for a comfortable ride. In a power outage, the vacuum lift safely descends to the lowest level, and the mechanical door lock enables passengers to exit safely.

    All PVE elevators are environmentally friendly and maintain the safety and technology features necessary for a residential elevator. With various custom options available, each model is designed to ensure compatibility with nearly any home. Whether you need a tiny lift for a modest-sized home or a larger lift for a wheelchair or multiple passengers, the PVE elevator series offers a solution that is easy to install, space-saving, and efficient.

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    Available in 3 different home elevator sizes customized specific to your needs

    Easy installation in retro-fit or new construction projects

    Beautifully designed, compatible, safe and environmentally friendly home elevator solution