Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator


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    Our #1 most popular home elevator!

    Looking for an elevator that exudes luxury and elegance? Look no further than the Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator. Proudly designed and manufactured in Ireland for over 35 years, Pollock has been a go-to choice for homeowners looking for a high-quality and stunning mobility solution. It is no surprise that the Pollock elevator is one of our bestsellers.

    With its smooth and quiet through-floor travel, the Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator is an impressive addition to any home. What sets this elevator apart is its shaftless design, which means that it can be easily installed in a wide range of homes without requiring a dedicated hoistway or pit. Pollock elevators are manufactured to the highest safety standards and come with a range of optional extras, making them the ultimate choice for homeowners looking to add value to their lifestyle at home.

    But that's not all. The Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator is also environmentally friendly and less expensive. This means that while enjoying the safety and comfort of your elevator, you can also enjoy lower energy bills. The elevator's design and construction ensure minimal energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for any homeowner.

    At Bailey Elevators, we understand that every detail matters. From installation to operation, every aspect of the Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator has been designed with you in mind. Thanks to their modular and pre-engineered design, these elevators are easy to install and maintain. And with their durable and straightforward construction, they require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs and hassle for homeowners.

    The Pollock Shaftless Residential Elevator is the ultimate choice for homeowners looking for a luxurious and reliable mobility solution. With its shaftless design, energy efficiency, and customizable features, it is a practical and cost-effective investment that can enhance the value and functionality of any home.

    The Residential Elevator Range

    Compact – single-person Residential Elevator.

    Twin – compact and attractive two-person Residential Elevator.

    Wheelchair – an innovative lift that helps wheelchair users live independently at home.

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    Comes in small, medium, and large which fits a wheelchair

    Powered with a 120v outlet

    Manufactured with the highest safety standards in Ireland