Savaria Orion LULA

Savaria Orion LU/LA Commercia Elevator


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    The Savaria Orion LU/LA commercial elevator is a fully automatic elevator designed for low-rise buildings up to three stories, such as schools, professional buildings, and places of worship. It is a cost-effective accessibility solution that meets limited use/limited application (LU/LA) elevator code, making it an ideal option for buildings where space is at a premium. With a minimal pit requirement of only 14", the Orion significantly reduces construction costs and offers a professional appearance with fully automatic operation, commercial-grade fixtures, and two-speed sliding doors.

    The Orion has two drive options: the Orion MRL geared traction drive and the Orion hydraulic drive. The MRL drive requires no machine room, making it an environmentally friendly choice that provides a smooth and stable ride with whisper-quiet operation. The hydraulic drive is a reliable and high-efficiency system that has made the Savaria Orion North America's best-selling LU/LA elevator for almost 20 years. It is compatible with LEED-qualified Hydro Safe hydraulic vegetable oil, and its components can be located where best suited to the building. In the unlikely event of an emergency, pull a valve in the machine room, and the cab gently descends to the lowest landing.

    Overall, the Savaria Orion LU/LA commercial elevator is a cost-effective and reliable solution for low-rise buildings that require accessibility. With its high-rise look and feel, professional appearance, and various cab styles, the Orion offers a modern and elegant solution that meets national and state codes for LU/LA elevators. Its minimal pit requirement and flexible machine room location make it an excellent option for buildings where space is at a premium, and its two drive options provide reliable and smooth operation for up to 200 trips per day.

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    Commercial elevator features with quality design elements built for low-rise buildings

    Select from a variety of cab styles and choose from two smooth and reliable commercial elevator drive options

    Excellent cost-effective solution for low-rise buildings such as schools, professional buildings, and churches