Cibes A4000

Cibes A4000 Luxury Residential Elevator


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    The Cibes A4000 platform lift is an all-inclusive lift concept, which is easy to integrate with new and existing buildings without significant construction work. In addition, the timeless design blends in seamlessly with most architectural styles, thanks to our wide range of color and material options.

    Most people have enough space for an elevator at home, at least if they choose a screw-driven, compact elevator solution like ours. If you have 10 49⁄64 ft² to spare, you have enough room to install the Cibes A4000.

    The EcoSilent drive system makes lift operation 45% more energy-efficient and is virtually soundless. Equipped with the EcoSilent drive system, the lift generates a low humming sound of only 40 dB that blends in seamlessly with the sounds of everyday life.

    The Cibes lift operation and safety features have been designed with the user in mind. Enhance your home with an accessibility solution that delivers both style and safety including:

    • Safety sensors/edges alongside the platform floor and above the platform car
    • Diagnostic system display with user-friendly lift status display
    • Absolute positioning system monitored by the lift computer
    • Monitored emergency system run by batteries
    • Telephone system connectivity in-car communication

    This home elevator is small on the outside and spacious on the inside. The compact construction allows the elevator to fit into tiny spaces and is excellent for staircases. Enhance your home with the Cibes A400 while giving the entire family peace of mind.

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    No pre-­construction pit, hoist way or machine room required

    A home elevator designed for your comfort

    More than 200 powder coated color finishes to perfectly match your home